Renovate, Design And Build With Maintenance In Mind

 Design & Build with Maintenance

Renovate, Design And Build With Maintenance In Mind

You can design your home to facilitate the lifestyle you want. However, when it comes to renovation, design and build, maintenance should be kept in mind.

Maintenance costs contribute significantly to the overall cost of owning a home, but property maintenance can’t be avoided. Failing to keep up with regular maintenance can reduce your property value over time. Therefore, it's essential to understand which aspects of designing and renovating a home can reduce maintenance costs and tasks. 

Importance Of Property Maintenance For Property Value 

Rental real estate can be the safest and most stable form of investment and a steady source of income for some. However, all of the benefits of property maintenance only come with an owner's dedication to maintaining and upgrading it as an asset. Failure to do so results in property value depreciating. 

  • Inability To Sell Or Rent In Future: Aside from keeping the future sale or rental of property in mind, an owner must remember that neglecting maintenance and catching faults early on can avoid extensive and costly property damage in the long run. This can deter long-term rentals and inhibit resale.
  • Out Of Control Property Depreciation: Failure to keep up with necessary upgrades allows the wear and tear to accelerate until, eventually, a property seems unlivable.
  • Investment Failure: Any property, whether purchased for rental, ownership or eventual resale, should be seen as an investment. Failure to implement regular maintenance can result in higher operational costs than rental income, or when a home is eventually sold, it may be done so at a loss. 

Top Tips For Building And Renovation With Maintenance In Mind 

Maintenance should always be a consideration when designing a home. Even though it is unavoidable, there are ways to minimise the need for maintenance and subsequent costs.


Interior property maintenance should be conducted every 3 - 5 years. 

  • Painting And Plastering: These tasks should be performed by professionals who will be able to assess your environment and location and select which primers and finishes will require the least amount of maintenance.
  • Lighting: LED lighting is a guaranteed way to minimise long-term maintenance despite the initial installation cost.
  • Flooring: Masonry, as a flooring application, provides the most maintenance-free solutions in most cases. Or try plywood subflooring for a budget-friendly alternative.
  • Insulation: Using foam insulation that has proper depth will provide a solution to moisture and humidity damage. Fibreglass insulation is a cost-effective solution, but an overall performance vs value ratio should always be considered. 


Maintaining a building's exterior and landscape increases curb appeal and boosts a property’s value for rental or resale. 

  • Surfaces: The use of vinyl siding, synthetic hardwood, stone or stucco are best suited for minimal long-term maintenance. Products presented in their natural state eliminate the need for paints and finishes, which can fade over time. Simpler siding and trim details have minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Roofing: Metal sheeting, barrel tile and clay roofs are relatively maintenance-free options; natural roofing can last hundreds of years. Any other choices will need eventual replacement, which should be done every 25 years. Stick to simple roof detailing without the need for specialty flashings or unique construction details for minimal upkeep. 

Contract The Services Of An Expert 

You can have your dream home or rental plan in mind, but you can outgrow your property over time or find it needs initial renovation before it is perfectly suited. 

At Home & Lifestyle, we are passionate about property. We stay on top of the latest design trends and technologies for any properties we have bought, developed or sold. In addition, we offer our clients a "BUILTIN" builders guarantee - third party assurance that your property will remain defect-free for up to 10 years.

For all your renovation, design and build maintenance needs - with costs over a building's lifetime and return on investment in mind - contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.