Invest With House And Land Packages In Whangamata

House and Land Packages in Whangamata

Finding your ideal home in a desirable location is an exciting yet time-consuming process. Combining house and land loans into a single package gives a cost-effective approach to discovering the ideal property for your requirements. Nothing compares to a custom-built home. House and land packages are among the most popular and cost-effective ways to enter the property market. 

Discover why house and land packages in Whangamata are an excellent investment opportunity. 

The Thriving Coastal Town Of Whangamata 

Whangamata is a contemporary, functional mini-metropolis. It is a popular investment location because of its beautiful beaches, convenient access to prime fishing spots, and a wide range of activities available in and around the town. 

The Coromandel town's winning mix of surf, white beach and surrounding natural vegetation has long made it a destination popular with domestic and international tourists. Whangamata is renowned for its famed surf spot: the 'Whangamata Bar.' Here, surfers travel from all over the globe to ride one of the longest rides in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Many people choose to live in Whangamata because of the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle it offers. It's far enough away from everything to be a bit rural, yet near enough to access emergency services and retail malls. 

In the Coromandel, it is simple to live through the senses ‒ absorbing the sights, sounds, tastes, scents and textures of everything the region has to offer. Lastly, it’s a popular location for retirees because life can be perceived through the clear lens of beauty rather than the clouded lenses of worry and irritation. 

A Sound Investment That Saves Thousands To Begin With 

Building a house is seen as a sound investment opportunity for various reasons. For starters, they are significantly more energy-efficient than older homes, saving you or your tenants’ money in the long run. You'll also have relatively little maintenance costs, and if anything goes wrong, your property is covered by the builder's guarantee. 

When purchasing a new home and land package, much of the stress of building a new home is removed with the best house plan for the site already in place, which means no architect fees, giving you thousands of dollars in savings. Furthermore, while building a home, you may often customise key finishing components to meet your specific needs or maximise your investment potential. 

Unlike the hidden expenses associated with upgrading and renovating an existing home, the upfront pricing model of a house and land package provides the peace of mind of paying a fixed price. 

Create The Home & Lifestyle Of Your Dreams 

Investing in house and land packages in Whangamata means first acquiring land and then selecting a specialist to assist you with designing and building your new dream home.  

There are future developments on the horizon in Whangamata, where house and land packages may be more readily available. In planning currently are additional stages of Otahu Heights Subdivision and with Home & Lifestyle a building partner for this development,  options will be available to secure your dream home in Whangamata once these new sites come to market.  

Home & Lifestyle is here to assist you in achieving your dream lifestyle in a home that meets all of your family's requirements. We provide a comprehensive and bespoke design and build service in Whangamata and the surrounding Coromandel Peninsula, all according to your budget and unique concept. 

We provide a built-in builder's guarantee to our customers. This is an independent, third-party guarantee that ensures peace of mind on the workmanship for up to ten years. In the improbable event that problems or issues arise, independent assessors will handle your claim. Additionally, the guarantee protects your deposit and ensures that the build will be completed at the agreed-upon price. 

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