Architectural Home Design Trends On The Horizon

Architectural Home Design

The ring-in of a new year signifies a promise of fresh possibilities and reinvention. Many homeowners hold visions of new homes and renovations. And with a new year comes new trends and influences. 

Interiors have become less about following trends and more about personal expression in recent years. Below we examine the most popular architectural home design trends on the horizon for 2022. 

Biophilic Design: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors 

By incorporating natural elements into their decor, homeowners may create a stronger connection between their indoor and outdoor spaces. How is that achieved? Biophilic design. This is an expansion of the concept of simply using earth tones in design and decor.  

Biophilic design is the discipline of designing buildings and landscapes in a manner that fosters a deeper relationship with nature. Natural features such as sunshine, fresh air and plants are emphasised in this approach. Natural shapes and forms may even be incorporated into the building itself. 

Luxury Outdoor Living: Bringing The Vacation Home 

Larger, more opulent outdoor living areas will be a top priority in 2022. The days of a small patio with a grill and an umbrella-covered table are over. Patios, porches and other outdoor areas frequently accumulate cobwebs and dead plants. However, this does not mean it has to be that way. 

Because of the variety of design options available, patios can be transformed into luxurious outdoor living and entertainment areas in your own backyard and enjoy the benefits of a resort-style getaway right outside your front door. Outdoor rooms, especially well-designed ones, are among the most refreshing areas of a home. Relaxing moments are made even more rejuvenating when incorporating typical vacation behaviour into daily rituals: sipping coffee in the morning while breathing in the crisp, clean air outside or pouring drinks on a terrace as the sun sets in the evening. 

Multi-Functional Flex Spaces 

A growing number of people recognise the importance of creating open and flexible living spaces by incorporating multiple functions into specific rooms of the house. Flex spaces are designed to ensure that your home accommodates your daily routines. Although they were formed out of necessity, homeowners are increasingly turning to "flex spaces" as a solution for previously underutilised spaces in their homes. 

By incorporating a flexible space into the design of your new home, you will be able to tailor it to your family's unique needs and interests. Flex rooms can be used for various purposes, including expanded patios, work-from-home offices, second master suites, gaming rooms, reading nooks and more. 

Bringing The New Year’s Design Trends To Your Dream Home In The Coromandel 

Of course, these are not the only emerging architectural home design trends to look out for this year. The most significant trend emerging is the personalisation of homes as an expression of individuality.  

The indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly in the Coromandel. Especially during the long, hot summer months. Make the most of your indoor and outdoor living spaces by incorporating flex spaces, biophilic design and luxury outdoor living areas. 

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