Why Choose House and Land Packages in NZ

House and Land Packages in NZ

If you are considering building or buying a new home, you should seriously look at house and land packages in NZ as an option. This opportunity alleviates many of the headaches associated with acquiring a new home.

Let us explore what house and land packages mean and discover the advantages of selecting this clever way of owning your dream home.

What Are House And Land Packages In NZ?

In house and land packages, developers will offer you a package deal on purchasing a piece of land and the construction of a new home thereon.  Therefore, the two processes are combined into one deal, with one negotiation and one price, all guaranteed.

What Are The Benefits Of House And Land Packages?

  • One price, no surprises - The price of the land and the construction will be locked in upfront, so there can be no surprises in terms of cost at a later stage in the process.
  • Pre-designed house options suited to the specific location will be presented for the buyer to select from.
  • The buyer will not have to locate and hire architects, builders and other artisans separately as this will all be included in the deal and managed by the developer.
  • Arranging financing will be more straightforward. It may still require two separate loans, but your financial institution will often bundle the deal for you in the case of a house and land package.
  • You get a brand-new home with guaranteed workmanship to give you peace of mind for years to come and no costly repairs that are often associated with hidden defects when purchasing an existing property.
  • You still have choices around the final design, fixtures and finishes, styles and colours to personalise your new home to your preferences.

With so many benefits, choosing house and land packages in NZ is the easiest way to acquire a newly constructed home without all the hard work.

For more information on house and land packages in NZ, contact Home and Lifestyle today.  Our specialist team will be there with you every step of the way, from conception to completion.  Let us help you to bring your property dream to life.