What Are The Popular Home Renovation Projects in NZ?

Home Renovation

Every homeowner is most likely at least a little dissatisfied and would like to renovate at least one or two areas of their home. Certain rooms become outdated, and spaces like kitchens and bathrooms may need regular renovations to remain modern and practical.

As home renovation specialists in NZ, we have seen it all and have handled dozens of home renovation projects. In our opinion, based on experience, these are what we believe to be the top home renovation projects.

Outdoor Areas

Renovating outdoor areas such as gardens, decks, and pools is the most popular type of renovation! The outdoor areas often come under the most strain as they are not protected from the elements, so they are often renovated. It can be easier and cheaper to redo these spaces than areas within the home.


Bathrooms are under a lot of stress due to dampness, humidity, and heat. This can cause cracked tiles, mould, and more. The bathroom is probably the most common room in the home to receive a renovation. There is also something quite off-putting about an outdated bathroom.


A kitchen renovation can be costly, but it is worth it when you look at the benefits, especially to the person who cooks the most! A kitchen renovation adds value to the home and provides more space, more storage, and more practicality. 


The bedroom is a significant room in any home. It is often the place where we can truly express our personal style, and it is the room that is most important for relaxation and rest. For these reasons, it only makes sense that bedrooms are a popular area for renovations and always will be.


In the light of the recent pandemic, more and more people are working from home. A decade ago, the home office may have doubled up as a glorified storage home, but now homeowners want to ensure a comfortable and appealing room in their home that they can work from in peace. This is why we have seen a significant increase in office renovations.

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