How To Add Character To Your New Home Build In NZ

New Home Build

While older houses are usually bursting with character, brand new homes can often feel a little generic and, dare we say, boring? But it doesn’t have to be this way! By working with experienced home builders, you can incorporate tons of character and personality into your new home before you even begin decorating.

Here at Home and Lifestyle, we have been part of many home builds services in NZ, where we have helped homeowners incorporate features that will bring their homes to life. If you want a unique home with character, you may want to consider incorporating the following features.

Fireplace/ Faux Fireplace

A fireplace or even a faux fireplace is a surefire way to give your living room or bedroom a cosy and homey feeling. Take it a step further by sourcing a unique fireplace that works with functionality and “wow” factor for your new home.

Thoughtful Lighting

Even if the rest of your home is pretty plain and simple, you can really bring it to life with thoughtful lighting. You may want to consider lighting on different levels and interesting light fixtures.

Colourful Kitchens

An easy way to add character to your home is to paint your kitchen cupboards an interesting, fun colour. This adds immediate joy and emotion. A bold move away from the white on white will work if it's a colour you love. With a little interior design know-how and confidence, colours like reds, greens and yellows can be excellent choices.

Panelling And Plaster

Instead of just a plain, drab wall, why not add character by including panelling, or even plaster moulding.

Little Nooks

An open plan living space can feel generic and lacking in personality, but by adding little seating nooks such as reading areas or bay windows, you can give the space the quirk it needs. Functional but open desk nooks and shoe/coat nooks in entrances can also add interest and character to your home.

Exposed Brick

Having a few exposed brick walls throughout your home can really add character and give your home an authentic and homey feeling. It is also easy and inexpensive.

Incorporating Unique Finishes

You may want to pay extra attention to the finishings throughout your home, such as kitchen counters, door handles, taps, etc. Each of these presents you with an opportunity to add character.

Are you looking for an experienced company to assist you with your new home build in NZ? Here at Home and Lifestyle, our comprehensive services ensure that everything is taken care of for your new home build. Get in touch with our friendly team of home builders today.