6 Latest Home Designing Trends In NZ

Home Designing Trends

Are you currently in the process of designing a new home or feel that a new home may be on the cards in the next few years? Here at Home and Lifestyle, we are very passionate about home designing in NZ and in this article, we’ll look at six of the latest home design trends that we feel may be around for a while to come. 

Curved Fittings And Fixtures

Curved features and fixtures add dimension and fun, and the reduction of sharp edges often makes these features safer, especially in the case of kitchen counters. Expect to see a lot more spiral staircases, curved bay windows, etc.

Covered Outdoor Areas

Covered areas that open up and lead from indoor to outdoor living are a big trend that extend the use of outdoor bbq, fire and lounging areas for longer than just the summer months. 


Courtyards are not something that you often see with new builds, but they are certainly becoming more popular recently! Courtyards prove to be multi-functional and are a lot easier to maintain than a traditional garden space.

Emphasis On Unique Design

Creating a home that fits in with your specific design preferences, culture, aesthetics, lifestyle needs and future plans leads to unique and practical designs that are not carbon copies of what the neighbours have done with their home.

Earthy Tones

We’re moving away from cool, crisp colours and more towards warm neutrals as well as comforting earth tones.

Collaboration With Local Artists

It is fantastic to see more and more new homeowners wanting to support local artists such as painters, muralists and sculpturists when it comes to designing and decorating their new home and garden. This really adds character to the home, and supporting a local artist could turn out to be a wise investment!

More Compact Spaces

With the rising cost of land and materials, building a big sprawling home is not possible for every homeowner. Furthermore, bigger homes can be very difficult to maintain and keep clean and are simply not practical in many cases. There has been a major shift towards more compact, quaint homes. In the case of smaller homes, the budget can be used for investing in quality finishings and materials while still ensuring the home serves its purpose.

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